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Makita 40V Max 230mm (9") Brushless Angle Grinder 4.0ah Set GA038GM201

by Makita
SKU GA038GM201



* Electric brake rapidly stops the grinding or cutting wheel in 2 seconds or less after the switch has been disengaged.
* Anti restart / Soft start - if battery is inserted whilst the switch is engaged the tool will not start. Switch must be released and engaged again to engage the motor. Slower initial start up speed before reaching full speed, to reduce start up shock, ensuring user safety.
* Active Feedback Sensors (AFT) - if the tool detects a sudden slow down in the wheel rotation, which usually occurs when the wheel binds causing kickback the tool automatically shuts down, reducing kickback the tool to protect the user.
* Lightweight design - Lighter in weight than the LXT series, as using one XGT battery, instead of two LXT batteries. Creating a more ergonomic and comfortable design.
* Auto start Wireless System (AWS) - when paired with a compatible Bluetooth vacuum or receiver the trigger switch on the grinder can wirelessly activate the dust extraction system. Extraction will operate while the tool is in use and deactivate 5 seconds after the trigger is released.
* eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) - enhances protection against dust and moisture protecting key electrical components for use in harsh jobsite conditions.
* Vibration suppression joint - rubber joint separates the motor housing from the grip / handle portion of the tool reducing the vibration transferred to the user during use for more comfortable operation.

Voltage| 40 V Max
Wheel diameter| 230 mm (9")
Switch Type| Paddle Switch
Electric Brake| Yes
AWS Compatible| Yes
No load speed| 6,600 rpm
Length| 535 mm
Weight| 6.1 kg

Makita 40V Max 4.0Ah Battery (BL4040) 191B26-6


* Built tough - High durability features specifically designed for XGT
* Shock absorbing structure
* High Rigidity Battery Rails - Durable slide in battery rail holds the battery and tools firmly to withstand high powered products
* Terminal shot-circuit prevention structure - The protection wall is positioned between terminals to protect them from water and dust
* Triple-layer Waterproof Structure - Prevents cell failure due to water and dust

Voltage| 40V Max
Amp| 4.0 Ah
Weight| 1.0 kg

Makita 40V Max Rapid Charger (DC40RA) 191E09-4


* Optimum Charging System - Rapid optimum charge is achieved by feeding real time data of the battery being charged with the charging control system. Data such as battery condition and cell temperature are communicated to optimise the charge.
* Dual cooling fans - One for the battery and one for the charging circuit. This enable the charger to fully charge all batteries in the same charging time without slowing down due to a heat increase.
* New charging status indicator light - The enlarged and raised LED light provides clearer indication of charging status.
* Compatible with LXT Li-Ion Batteries - ADP10 was developed for use with the DC40RA to rapid charge 18V batteries faster then ever before.

Voltage| 40V Max
Charge time| 45 mins (BL4040)
28 mins (BL4025)
40 mins (BL1860B using APD10)
Weight| 1.0 kg

Side Grip, Lock Nut Wrench,2x 4.0Ah Batteries (BL4040),40V Max Single Port
Rapid Charger (DC40RA)